Welcome to the House of Needlepoint!

***** As of Wednesday, May 22nd House of Needlepoint is open! We currently have a limit of 5 people including employees in the store at any given time. Please be advised there may be a short wait during your visit. *****

House of Needlepoint June 2020 News

We were thrilled to welcome our first customer on Wednesday, May 22nd as she was wearing a mask and immediately sanitized her hands inside our front door. Since then the shop has been busy with people dropping off projects, kitting new and existing canvases and just browsing. We are VERY HAPPY to welcome our loyal customers back. We apologize in advance if you have to wait outside on your next visit. It hasn’t been happening too much but since we have a limit of 5 people (including employees) in the store at any given time, sometimes there will be a short wait.
As many of you know, due to our quarantine time at home, many of you have been stitching up a storm, thus we have seen a LARGE increase in the amount of projects being dropped off for finishing. We STRONGLY suggest you to turn in your holiday finishing as early as possible. Our finishers have already started to push up their deadlines as they anticipate having many more items to finish. Please note our finishing deadlines.


Those Finishing Deadlines are Coming Soon and many of you have enjoyed 15% OFF Ornament finishing in April and 10% in May. For June ALL ORNAMENT FINISHING is 5% OFF



During the time we were closed, many people called and emailed requesting threads they were trying to match to finish a project. Many didn’t have the type, color or dye lot of the thread(s) they needed and this resulted in frustration for all of us. A good habit to develop is to tie or tape a small piece of the thread to its tag.



Coming in July…